Jamadi us Saani

Compiled by:   Syeda Bint-e-Zahra,   President Dukhtaraan-e-Islam.

Jamadi us Sani, the 6th month of hijri calendar, is the month of blessings and auspiciousness Syed Ibne Ta'ous has reported that a special 4 rakaat Prayer with 2 salams should be offered during this month at any time, which will be performed as under:
In first rakat:
   a)   Sura al-Hamd and Ayatul Kursi - once
   b)   Sura al-Qadr - 25 times

In second rakat:.

   a)    Sura al-Hamd and Sura Takasur - once
   b)    Sura Ikhlaas - 25 times
In third rakat:
   a)    Sura al-Hamd and Sura Kaferoon - once Sura Falaq - 25 times
In fourth rakat:
   a)    Sura al-Hamd and Sura Nasr - once
   b)    Sura Naas - 25 times.
   c)    And after salam recite the following for 70 times.

'Glory be to Allah, and praise be to Allah, and there is not diety but Allah and Allah is great'.
Then the following for 70 times.

'O Allah invoke your blessings on Muhammad and progeny of Muhammad'.
Then the following thrice:

'O Allah forgive all faithful (men & women)' then prostrate and recite.
'O The Living, O Eternal one, O The Glorious and Honouring, O Allah, O The Beneficent, O The Merciful, O The most compassionless of all'.
After this pray for his needs/wishes. Such a person along with his family and riches will be remained save till the next year and in case he dies will be martyr.

Jamadi-Us-Saani 3 is (bena be rawayate mash'hoora)
Is that sorrowful, pathetic and grievous day when the beloved daughter of Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace of Allah be upon Him and his progeny) was martyred in the year 11 A.H. in Medina al-munawwara. Her house was set ablazed; the burning-door was flung upon her and consequently her holy ribs were being broken causing the martyrdom (babe birth) of her son Hazrat Mohsin (A.S.) whom she was carrying. All this cruelty happened short after the departure of Holy Prophet from this world. Her heirloom Fadak was also usurped from her. She expressed her sorrows in an elegy composed by herself to mourn her father Holy Prophet:

"(After your death o father) I was subjected to such tortures and tyranny that if they had been inflicted on the 'Days', it would have turned into 'Nights'."
Her holy grave is in Janna tul Baqee, Medina. Ameer al momineen Hazrat Ali ibne Abi Talib (A.S) at the time of burying his beloved companion expressed the following pathetic words.
"O the Prophet of Allah salam upon you from me and your daughter who is being buried near to you and who has joined you so soon. O the messenger of Allah, the passing away of your daughter has lessened my patience and I have lost my energy and power. After having endured your separation I have to bear this catastrophe also so patiently. I laid you down in the grave with my own hands; your soul departed from your body while your head was lying between my neck and heart. 'Surely we belong to Allah and to Him we shall return'. (Fatimah) was a trust (entrusted to me) and a souvenir which is taken back from me. Now my sorrow grief and pain is eternal, lasting and overwhelming. It has left me with sleepless nights till Allah choose for one Realm when you abides. Soon your daughter will inform to you that how your Ummah made alliance to ill-treat and oppress her. You ask her the details of what all has happened to her, even though neither a long period passed away after your departure nor people stopped from talking about you.
My farewell salam upon both of you (You and Your daughter) not such a salam which is from sad and weary heart (it is from sincere heart which has loved and will always love you both). If I go back from (this place) it is not because I am tired of your company; and if I make a permanent abode by your grave it will not be because I am distrustful and suspicious from that reward which Allah has promised with those who bear sorrows patiently". 
Many Aamal of this day have been reported some of which are as under:
To hold majalis-e-Aza and perform rites of condolence;
To show displeasure and detest with those who usurped her rights and oppressed her;
To recite following Ziarat-e-Fatima Zahra(A.S)

'Peace be upon you o the mistress of the ladies of the worlds, peace be upon you O the mother of the proofs ( of Allah) upon all people, peace be upon you o mazlooma (oppressed) who was had been deprived of her right'.
After this say:
'O Allah invoke your blessing upon your amah (maid), and the daughter of your Prophet, and the spouse of your Prophet's testamentary executor - such a blessing which make the meanness of your respectable servants (mukarrameen) more high in the heavens and earth;
It is reported that he who asks Allah for pardon after reciting this Ziarat will be pardoned. This above-mentioned Ziarat should be recited after offering 2-rakaat salat-e-Ziarat (Prayer of Ziarat), which will be offered in the following manner:
In Ist rakat sura Hamd and sura Ikhlaas will be recited once which in the 2nd, Sura Hamd and Sura Kaferoon. Tehreek Nafaz-e-Fiqh-e-Jafariya (TNFJ) has, as usual announced to observe the martyrdom anniversary of Hazrat Fatima Zahra (A.S) as 5-day 'Ayyam-eAza'
20th day of Jamadi us Saani is being honoured due to the birth of Hazrat Fatima tuz Zahra Syeda tun nisa'il alameen (mistress of the ladies of the worlds) , beloved daughter of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (peace of Allah be upon him and his progeny) and Mohsena-e-Islam Hazrat Khadeeja tul Kubra (A.S). She was born in Makkah.
Some Aamal of this auspicious day are as under.
   a)   To keep fast;
   b)   To give charity;
   c)   To wear new dress
   d)   To recite following Ziarat-e-Fatimah Zahra.
'O the tested (lady) Allah has tested you before your certain and found you patient, and we consider that we are your friends and certifier and patient and obedient for all those (Commandments) which your father (Peace of Allah be upon him and his progeny) and his testamentary executor brought. Therefore, we ask you that if we have certified you then include us for the we certified both of them, so that we give glad tidings to ourselves that we have been purified due to your wilayat'.
It is desirable to recite this also
(mafateehul Jinnan may be consulted for complete Ziarat).
TNFJ observes this day as 'Youm-e-Hurmat-e-Niswaan' throughout the country.