Safar-ul-Muzaffar Compiled by: Syeda Bint-e-Zahra,President Dukhtaraan-e-Islam.


         Safar is the 2nd month of Islamic Clender Azadari-e-Hazrat Imam Hussain (A.S) remain continue in it as in Muharram-ul-Haram. The best amal (deed) during this month is to.
Lament, mourn and weep over the great sufferings (masa'ib) of Hazrat Imam Hussain (A.S), Hazrat Zainab (A.S), Hazrat Imam Zain-ul-Abedeen (A.S), Ahle Haram (children and womenfolk) and shuhada-e-karbala;
Hold majalis and Azadari processions.

          On the Ist of safar in the year 61 A.H, the Holy Head of Hazrat Imam Hussain bin Ali (A.S) along with Ahle Haram (children & womenfolk) reached yazeed laeen's palace in Damascus. At that moment when Shareeka-tul-Hussain Hazrat Zainab binte Ali entered the door of palace she heard:" Assalam-o-alaiki ya binte Rasool-lillah". She wondered that who might be he. At that time she saw the Holy Head of Hazrat Muslim bin Aqeel (A.S), the envoy of Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS) to Kufa, who was brutally killed by ibne ziyad (may Allah curse him), was saying Salam while it was hanged on the door.

War of safeen was also commenced on the same date in year 37 AH.

3rd safar is the day when 4 years old Hazrat Sakeena bintul Hussain(A.S) kissed martyrdom in Zindaan-e-Shaam (Prison of Syria) and was buried by her brother Hazrat Imam Zain-ul-Abedeen (A.S) in the same zindaan reports indicate that this masoom daughter of Hussain was buried while she was wearing the same blood-stained shirt. She was very dear to Hazrat Imam Hussain (A.S) and was used to sleep on the Holy chest of her father (A.S). A very famous saying of Hazrat Imam Hussain (A.S) about Hazrat Sakeena (A.S), which indicates His great love for Her, is: "without Sakeena no place is liked by me". It is reported that in darbar-e-yazeed laeen (may Allah curse him & be the pit of hell for him) when sakeena asked the Holy Head of Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS) to come to her lap from tasht ( a tray in which Holy Head of Imam (A.S) was placed), it raised and came to in Her lap.

It was 7th safar when Hazrat Imam Musa-e-kazim bin Jafar-e-Sadiq (A.S), the 7th successor of Holy prophet (P.b.U.H and His Aal) was born in Abwa, a place situated between Makkah and Medina, in the year 128 A.H. His Holy mausoleum is in kazmain sharifain, Iraq. Recitation of Ziarat-e-Jamia in this day is mustahab (desirable)(mafateehul jinnan may be consulted for Ziarat.)

Hazrat Imam Ali Raza bin musa-e-kazim(A.S), the 8th successor of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (P.b.U.H and His Aal) was martyred on 17th of safar (ba rawayate) in the year 203 AH in Tous in the land of khurasaan. At that time he was 55 years of age. His Holy Shrine is in Tous (Mesh'had) Iran. To recite Ziarat-e-Jamia in this day is mustahab (desirable).

20th Safar is the chehlum day of syed-ush-shuhada Hazrat Imam Hussain (A.S) and Shuhada-e-Karbala. This was also the day when Haram-e- (children,womenfolk) Hazrat Imam Hussain (A.S) come back to Medina from Syria after their release from its zindaan.

Hazrat Jabir-bin-Abdullah, the companion of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (P.b.U.H an his Aal), to whom Holy Prophet gave this news:" Jabir you will get the period of my 5th successor Hazrat Imam Muhammad Baqir (A.S) bin Hazrat Imam Zain-ul-Abedeen (A.S). When you meet Him, pay my salam to Him (A.S)," arrived in karbala to visit Hazrat Imam Hussain (A.S). He has the honour of being the first who visited Hazrat Imam Hussain (A.S).

It is reported from Hazrat Imam Hassan Askari (A.S) that 5 things are the emblems of a momin:

(i) Performing 51 rakaat prayer (salat) (17 rakat wajib + 34 rakat nafal) during 24 hours;
(ii) Reciting ziarat-e-Arba'een;
(iii) Wearing Aqeeq-ring in right hand;
(iv) To prostrate (sajda) on khak-e-shafa;
(v) To recite Bismillahirahmaaniraheem audibly in prayers (salat).

Two Ziaraat of Hazrat Imam Hussain (A.S) of Roze-Arba'een (chehlum) have been reported:

(a) Sheikh has reported in Tehzeeb and Misbah from safwan jamal, he said that my maula Hazrat Imam Jafar-e-Sadiq (A.S) said to me to recite following ziarat on Arba'een day:

"Peace be upon the wali of Allah and His favourite, peace be upon khaleel-lillah and the one chosen by Him, peace be upon the pure person of Allah and the son of His pure person, Peace be upon Hussain (A.S) who is mazloom (oppressed) and shaheed (martyr), Peace be upon one who was imprisoned by sufferings and the slain of cries and lamentation. Oh Allah I bear witness that He is your wali and the son of your wali and your chosen one and the son of your chosen one and is appointed and fixed with your grace. You have honoured him with martyrdom and have particularized Him with blessings and selected him with cleanliness and purity of birth and made him master from among the masters and leader from among the leaders and defender of Islam from among the defenders of Islam and granted Him the heritage of Prophets and placed Him Hujjat (proof) upon your creatures from among the ausiya (testamentary successors) so He removed the excuse from Ummah in itmaam-e-Hujjat (completion of proof) and accomplished to advice Ummah and caused His blood to shed in your way to save your beings from that of ignorance and going astray while he was oppressed by the one who was made arrogant by the world and who exchanged his share of Aakhira for mean and base world and sold his Aakhira for a very low price and caused oppression and tyranny and he was ruined in his self desires, and made you and your Prophet angry and obeyed callous, hypocrites and sinfuls from among Your servants who deserve hell. So he made Holy war (Jehad) in your way to these oppressors with patience and sincerity to this degree that His blood was caused to shed in your obedience, and disgrace of his sanctity was regarded as lawful (mubah). Oh Allah curse these cruels with severity, and give them terrible punishment, peace be upon you oh the son of prophet of Allah, peace be upon you oh the son of the master of Ausiya (testamentary successors). I bear witness that you are trustee (ameen) of Allah and the son of his trustee, you have spent your whole life in obedience and passed away in a praise worthy way and died as a matchless and oppressed martyr. I bear witness that Allah will fulfill what He has promised to you and will ruin who has left you and punish who has killed you, and I bear witness that you have fulfilled the promise of Allah and made Holy war (jehad) in His way up to this that you died. May Allah curse him who has killed you, and may the curse of Allah be upon him who oppressed you, and may Allah curse the ummah which heard all this and remained agree to this. Oh Allah I make you witness that I am friend of their (A.S) friends and enemy of their enemies. May my parents ransom you, oh the son of Holy Prophet of Allah. I bear witness that you was refulgence ad light in the elevated spines and loins, and in the womb of pure and chaste mothers, the evil influences and dirt of ignorance did not reach you, the dark dress of ignorance did not come on your body. And I bear witness that you are the pillar of religion, the base of Muslim constitution and the protector of momeneen (faithfuls) and I bear witness that you are pious, virtuous, Allah's favourite, pure, true guide and guided Imam, and I bear witness that the Imams from your offspring are the soul of piety and signs of guidance, and strong relation of Emaan and proof over those who live in the world, and I bear witness that I believe you and believe in your raj'at (return) with the laws of my religion and completion of my deed, and my heart is entirely submissive to yours and my command in obeys yours, and my help for you is ready thus for Allah permit you hence we are with you, not with your foes may the blessings of Allah upon you and your souls and your bodies and your appearance and your absence and your outside & your inside. Fulfil my dua'a (prayer) Lord of the universe".

After the recitation of this Ziarat, two rakaat prayer (salat) is to be offered and then pray (dua'a) for his wishes and needs. Insha Allah his wishes/needs will be fulfilled.

(b) 2nd Ziarat-e-Arba'een is that which has been reported by Ata from Hazrat Jabir bin Abdullah (may Allah please with him): He said that" I was with Hazrat Jabir bin Abdullah on 20th safar. Hazrat Jabir used the water of Euphrates (farat) for ghusl (bath) when we reached Ghazaria. After it he (Hazrat Jabir) departed for the Holy grave of Imam Hussain (A.S) bare-footed. There he stood at the head part of the Holy grave and recited Allaho Akbar three times and became senseless and faint with grief and deep sorrow. I heard he was reciting the following ziarat when he came in his senses:

" Peace be upon You oh Aal Allah, peace be upon You oh the chosen by Allah, peace be upon you oh the best creature of Allah, peace be upon you oh the lord of Lords, Peace be upon you oh the brave lions, Peace be upon you oh the boats of liberation, peace be upon you oh aba Abdillahil Hussain (A.S), peace be upon you oh the successor of the knowledge of Prophets and may the blessings of Allah upon you, peace be upon you oh the successor of Adam (AS) safi illah (God's elected), peace be upon you oh the successor of Noah (A.S) nabi illah (the Prophet of Allah), peace be upon you oh the successor of Ibraham (A.S) Khaleel illah (The friend of Allah), peace be upon You oh the successor of Moses (A.S) Kaleem illah, peace be upon You oh the successor of Christ Rooh illah, peace be upon You oh the successor of Muhammad Habib illah ( the friend and favourite of Allah), peace be upon you oh the son of Muhammed-e-Mustafa ,peace be upon you oh the son of Ali-e-Murtaza ,peace be upon you oh the son of Fatimah tuz-zahra, peace be upon you oh the son of Khadeeja-tul-kubra, peace be upon you oh martyr - the son of martyr, peace be upon You oh who has been killed in the way of Allah - the son of who has been killed in the way of Allah, peace be upon You oh the wali of Allah - the son of His wali, peace be upon You oh the proof of Allah - the son of his proof upon His creatures, I bear witness that you established the salat (prayer), and gave zakat (charity) & ordered for good, and prohibited from evil, and grieved in your father's sufferings, and made Holy war (Jehad) against your enemy, and I bear witness that you listen our words and also reply, and that you are the friend of Allah, and His Khaleel and His najeeb and His elected and the son of His elected, oh my maula, and the son of my maula I visit you with passion and fondness so be my intercessor to Allah oh my master, and I want the intercession of your grandfather - the master of Prophets, and of your father - the Lord of Ausiya (testamentary successors) , and of your mother Fatimah - the mistress of the ladies of the world. May the curse of Allah be upon Your killers and upon those who oppressed you, may Allah curse those who seized your right and deprived you of it from among the first and the last, and may the blessings of Allah be upon our master Muhammad and His pure and chaste Aal (offspring)."

It is reported in the fazeelat and merit of Ziarat-e-Imam Hussain (A.S) that Allah show His special favour to the visitor of Hussain (A.S) in every Shab-e-Jum'a (the night between Thursday and Friday). Ibne Qolveya reported from Hazrat Imam Jafar-e-Sadiq (A.S) that "he who visits Hazrat Imam Hussain (A.S) will be with Hazrat Imam Hussain (A.S) in Bahisht (Heaven).

24th Safar (according to a report) is the martyrdom day of Shareeka-tul-Hussain (A,S) Hazrat Zainab bint-e-Ali (A.S). Her Holy Shrine is in Domascus, Syria. Her (A.S) great addresses shaked the bases of Yazeediyyat. Zainab (A.S) was she who caused to bring Hussainiyyat towards zinda-bad and yazeediyyat to murda-bad. Hazrat Imam Hussain (A.S) provided protection to the aim of Allah and Prophets, and aim of Hussain (A.S) which is an expression of Hussainiyyat had been thrived by Zainab. This saying of late Allama Azher Hasan Zaidi (maghfoor) deserves to be written in golden words: " if Hussain (AS) would not there, then there would be no Islam and if Zainab (A.S) would not there, there would have been no name of Hussain (A.S)." it is reported that when Hazrat Zainab (A.S) was born, Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (P.b.U.H and His Aal) took her in his lap, kissed her and named her Zainab (Zainab is made of two words: 'Zain' and 'ab', means 'the grace and beauty of father'). Then Rasool Allah's eyes started following with tears. When he was asked for the reason of his weeping and lamenting He replied: "my this grand daughter would face great sufferings".

On 28 th Safar Syed-ul-Anbia, Khatmur Rusul, Habeeb-e-Khuda Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (P.b.U.H & His Aal) passed away in the year 10.A.H. He was 63 years of age at that time. Hazrat Ali murtaza (A.S) under took the washing and shrouding of His (P.b.U.H & His Aal) holy body and performed funeral prayer. His Holy shrine is in Madina almunawwara. Hazrat Fatimah tuz Zahra Bint-e-Rasool's heart rending cries over the sad demise of her father shaked each and every nook and corner of medina. Hazrat Fizza reported: "I have never seen Ahle Haram, raising such heartrending cries except on three occasions:

(i) Over the sad demise of Holy Prophet (P.b.U.H & His Aal);
(ii) When Imam Hussain (A.S) departed from medina;
(iii) When Bint-e-Zahra returned back to medina from Syria." 

Hazrat Imam Hassan (A.S), the grand son of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (P.b.U.H & His Aal) the son of Ameer-ul-momeneen Hazrat Ali ibne Abi Talib (A.S) and of the mistress of the women of the worlds, Fatimah Zahra, daughter of Hazrat Muhammad (P.b.U.H & His Aal), Lord of messengers, was also kissed martyrdom on Safar 28 in the year 50 AH. At that time his age was 47 years. His brother Hazrat Imam Hussain (A.S) under took the washing and shrouding of His (A.S) holy body and buried him in the cementery of Al-Baqi near his mother Hazrat Fatimah-tuz-Zahra binte Muhammad. Recitation of Ziarat-e-Jamia in this day is mustahab (desirable).

Threek Nafaz-e-Fiqh-e-Jafariya has this honour that it announces the observation of all these days with fervour and respect