Moosavi publicizes 17-point Code of Azadari in press conference   

Respected newsmen,

Salam Masnoon Al-Islam!

Islam is the religion of mankind and nature, a blessing for the mankind, a complete code of life, source of survival and guarantee for blessing for it. The Islamic calendar begins with Muharramul Haraam the dignity and sanctity of which is crystal clear on every human being. Oppression, suppression, brutality, war, conflict, murder, massacre during this month is prohibited but it is tragic and hurting that 1363 years back from today, Hussain ibne Ali ibne Abi Talib (A.S.) and his 72 sincere companions and offspring were martyred in the plains of Karbala contrary to the sanctity of Muharramul Haraam without taking into account the dignity and sanctity of the Khanwada-e-Muhammad and Aal-e-Muhammad. Hussain (A.S.) who was on the mirage of Iman, belief, patience, forbearance, jehad, sacrifice, sincerity, morality, and piousness, who was Farzand-e-Rasool in line with the Ayah-e-Mubahila:

who was a innocent person (Masoom) according to Ayah-e-Tatheer:

love of whom is Ajr-e-Risalat and according to Ayah-e-Muwaddat:

and about whom there is a saying of the Holy Prophet (SAW) that:

(Hussain is from me, and me from him. Oh, Allah, keep friend those who keep friend him)

and said:

(that a person who keeps Hassan and Hussain friends, he keeps friend with me, the one who is their enemy is my enemy)

But the evil could not bow down the protectors and defenders of the righteousness:

A person whose vision is limited to this world, he gives priority to life over death but Shaheed whose death is the life of the nation, he actually considers death a door to the life in eternity:

That is why, Shaheed keeps an eternal life, on it is witness:

(For that reason Momin is desirous of Shahadat that is the high example of his bravery and courage)

A saying of the Masoom goes:

(By God, I am on the right path and desirous of Shahadat)

Nawasa-e-Rasool Al-Saqlain, Shahzada-e-Konain, Farzand-e-Ali and Batool, Hazrat Imam Hussain (A.S.) is that great Shaheed about whom there is a Hadis:

(No doubt, Hussain is the leading light and the boat of survival)

The holistic objective of Shahadat is that a person  sacrifices his life keeping his senses, knowingly, submissively and with his own choice in way of Allah. Imam Aali Muqaam presented his life for Shahadat with full knowledge and knowingly for this great objective. Therefore, a saying of his goes:

(I am not setting out for oppression, brutality and arson but to correct the Ummat of my grandfather and introduce the obligation of Amar Bil Ma’aroof and Nahi Anil Munkir, and to follow in the footsteps of my grandfather and father to follow their seerat)

For that reason this greatest Shahadat has been declared making it clear on the whole world that Hussain’s Shahadat is also great like Hussain. The Shahadat of Hussain ibne Ali ibne Abi Talib (A.S.) was for the protection of Sha’air Islami, saying of Kalma-e-Haq, respect to the mankind and survival of humanity. That is why he is Shaheed Deen-o-Shariat and humanity and Hussain (A.S.) is that great a man who is protector and inheritor of greatness of Anbia and prophets and representative and guardian of human greatness. That is why restoration of Majalis and Azadari processions in remembrance of Hussain (A.S.) are actually in remembrance of Anbia and prophets, remembrance of religion and Shariat that enjoy eternal status and with it commensurate is survival of mankind, and eternal life of religion and Shariat.

Therefore, every conscientious person whether he belongs to any country or Maslak, any Khanwada or creed, accepts Hussain (A.S.) not only his Rahbar and master (Aqa) but feels proud in being called “Hussaini” and equally shares the grief of Hussain (A.S.). Hindu poet Biswa has said:

Muharramul Haraam is the month of Hussain (A.S.)

(No doubt, love for Hussain enlivens in the hearts of those who follow Iman)

On this basis, every live person is grieved, every eye is wet and every human being is Azadar. My advice for the nation is:

Hussain (A.S.) is of God and of all. Enemies of humanity are afraid of Hussainiyyat. Chief of the international colonial powers and her Hindu and Zionist agents desire to shatter peace by arousing biases and promoting anarchy to achieve their self-interest soon after sighting of Muharramul Haraam moon. Pakistan being the citadel of oppressed and Muslim nations and being the atomic power is a mole in their eyes therefore they desire to destabilise and weaken it using different tactics. In these circumstances, all religious and patriotic powers are under the obligation to understand the heinous conspiracies of international colonial powers and practically display the norm of making it clear on the whole world that no Taghoot, how big it would be, could create rift amongst us because we all are the followers of Nawasa-e-Rasool Hussain (A.S.) and we will observe the grief of Imam Aali Muqaam (A.S.) and present him homage and our condolences to the Holy Prophet (SAW) jointly.

I am going to announce a 17-point Code of Azadari in connection with the oncoming month of Muharramul Haraam. We can not only thwart the conspiracies of enemies of religion and motherland but also become successful before Allah by following the same in letter and spirit.


1. All schools of thought should preach their faith and ideologies in a positive manner and should highlight Hussainiyyat.

2. Ulema, waizeen, and zakireen should give priority to unity, brotherhood and solidarity & integrity of the motherland.

3. All Masalak and schools of thought should be respected from the core of their heart so much so that nothing against them should be uttered even indirectly.

4. The government should get the May 21, 1985 Junejo-Mausavi agreement fully implemented in connection with bringing out of mourning processions. No changes should be made in this connection.

5. Azadari Cells should be set up at the Interior Ministry, Ministry for Religious Affairs (including Federal Capital, provinces, Azad Kashmir and Northern Areas) and these should be publicised through media so that possible problems of Azadars could be resolved. These Cells should keep a close liaison with the Central Muharram Committee of Tehreek Nafaz Fiqh-e-Jafariya, Pakistan.

6. Advance protective measures should be taken during Majalis-e-Aza and Azadari processions at sensitive places. If there is any threat at any place then as a solution there should be no change in the procession and the justifiable solution would be to help reach that procession to its destination with respect and honour.

7. In case of any untoward incident the issue may be resolved through contacting the local administration and the local Muharram Committee of the Tehrik Nifaze Fiqh-i-Jafariya (Azadari Cell). The Central Muharram Committee of the TNFJ (Azadari Cell) may be approached if the issue remains unresolved at local level.

8. No one should be allowed to take law into his hands. Concrete steps are must for discouraging and rooting out miscreant activities and terrorism completely.

9. The organisers of Majalis-e-Aza and Azadari processions should take protective measures on self-help basis and remain fully watchful and alert.

10. The countrymen should keep a strict eye on the enemies of religion and the motherland and actively announce their hatred against the elements promoting enmity and biases. The government, opposition, and media should particularly avoid and discourage such elements.

11. Political and religious leaders should suspend all type of political activities during Ashra-e-Muharram and Azadars give priority to Azadari over all other matters.

12. Electronic and print media should not only highlight the sacrifices of Martyrs of Karbala in an effective manner, but also avoid ‘Munkiraat’ and keep off from all musical and comedy programmes and dramas.

13. Women should carry out their Azadari rites by following the seerat of Mastooraat Mukhadddat-e-Ismat and Taharat.

14. The youngsters and Matamdars should fully participate in Matmi Halqas avoiding any additions and reductions.

15. Discipline should strictly be followed during the Majalis-e-Aza and Azadari processions and its sanctity should be taken care of.

16. Organisers of the Azadari programmes are responsible to follow the Code of Azadari and also advise others to follow it in letter and spirit.

17. The powers that be are under the obligation to get the Code of Azadari implemented from district level to top level.

In the end I would like to make it clear that Azadari is a universal protest of Mazloomin and Mustazefeen against the oppressors and Mustakbereen rather a basic right. I have always said that Azadari is our jugular vein and a source of blessing and survival for us. We keep is very dear from any other thing. Our forefathers neither accepted any hurdle in its way nor we will accept any in future.

May Almighty Allah give us intuition to follow the character of the Holy Prophet (SAW), Farzand-e-Ali (A.S.) and Batool (S.A.) and protect our motherland and those who live in it from all types of difficulties, conspiracies and evils. Amen!

Answering a question about demonstrations against the possible American aggression against Iraq, he said we are enemies of the oppressor and support the oppressed, we are against the oppressor whatever outfit he is in and we side with the oppressed to whatever area he belongs. He however said that everyone should keep in mind that they all have learnt the methodology of protest against the oppressor from us. Those who have started the chain of protest rallies and demonstrations had been terming the same incorrect in the past.

Agha Moosavi said no oppressed is bigger than Hussain (A.S.) and no protest is bigger than Azadari. Therefore, he said if they really love the oppressed then they should come to Azadari processions and raise their voice against the oppressor. He said if someone thinks otherwise then the whole world is well aware that we are followers of the oppressed and we have learnt confronting with every oppressor from our forefathers, therefore we would neither allow any one to play a foul game nor would allow any hurdle in the Azadari processions of Mazloom-e-Karbala. He said Muharram is commensurate with Imam Aali Muqaam (A.S.), therefore all religious and political circles should keep the sanctity of Ayyam-e-Aza in mind.

Answering a question about terrorism, the TNFJ chief said it was continuing since 1977 and Tehreek Nafaz Fiqh-e-Jafariya had submitted a Peace Formula in the Supreme Court then headed by former Chief Justice Sajjad Ali Shah. Everyone including the government is aware of our point of view and had accepted that there is no Maslaki or Maktabi conflict in Pakistan while President Gen. Pervez had issued Anti-Terrorism Ordinance keeping our Peace Formula in view. He said there is now need to implement the same strictly because the terrorist groups banned by the government are seen sitting around government and the opposition that suggests that there is duplicity in words and deeds and the same should be checked. He said the government and the opposition should give priority to the interests of the nation and the country over all other matters and should make concrete and active steps to root out terrorism.

In response to another question, he said Muharram does not mean mourning of 10 days only but it the duty of the government to make special steps to ensure peaceful going during the Ayyam-e-Aza that last till 8th Rabiul Awwal while the people should remain alert and also keep an eye on black sheep. He termed the incidents of terrorism reported from Karachi a challenge for the government and a heinous conspiracy of the perpetual enemy that is condemnable. He expressed his heartfelt sympathies with the bereaved families of all those who sacrificed their lives in incidents of terrorism all over the country and demanded from the government to arrest the culprits immediately and give them exemplary punishment.